There are plenty of garage door opener reviews that are available all over the internet as well as any other place that you might look for and most of them are highly biased and don’t highlight the faults in their own products or the good things in other brand products. But the people who have the most insight about how good or bad a garage door might be and these are the users or consumers who have experience of using the different types of garage doors. Most of the people are of the unanimous opinion that the best types of garage doors are obviously the ones that have the chain mechanism and can be pulled upwards towards the ceiling and this is simply because the space taken up by these are not much as well.

What however, most garage door opener reviews do not reveal is that these types of garage doors are also prone to some faults with regards to the easily rusted chains that are used to drive the door upwards and in spite of taking very little space down at the ground, these take up a lot of space on the ceiling simply because there is a box that holds the door when it is rolled up and hence, if the chains get rusted, it might be a problem for you to lift the door up or pull it down with ease. The belt drive garage door is preferred by many people because it is very silent but the reason it is not so popular is because of the fact that these will easily cost you as much as $ 150 more than the ordinary chain drive garage door opener. Another thing that most people say in their garage door opener reviews is that some of them prefer the screw-drive garage door opener because the number of moving parts that are used in these doors are very less and hence, it becomes very convenient for one and all o use them. But here also, the price becomes a factor and most people prefer to go with the chain drive systems than spend so much money on the screw-drive systems.

But the worst thing about the screw-drive system that came up most in the garage door opener reviews is the fact that these are not much good in being able to hold up in places that have extreme climates and moreover, the model is also slow to open and close compared to the other two popular types of garage doors. When asked about the best garage door opener there is irrespective of the type, the name Chamberlain Whisper Drive WD822KD came up and although it is a belt drive system, people are regarding it as one of the best garage door openers that are being made today. So, if you have the money to spend on these, then you should go for it. If not, then going for any chain drive system would have to be the way for you.